Development and Validation Package

From the very start it was decided to provide a suitable development and validation package to test and enhance the future development of this prototype Multi-Electrode Fish Counter, and to cut down on as much travelling time to remote sites as possible.

To accomplish this, both the travelling time and time spent at the remote site in Lancaster must be kept to an absolute minimum.
The design and provision for remote access using a 3G broadband mobile dongle allows the following equipment to be remotely contacted.
The desk top computer, the new flash-able Multi-Electrode Fish Counter, the Aquantic Logie fish counter with its fish buffer and trace file data. We can also download remotely the environmental data logger parameters, which are the river level, the water temperature and the barometric pressure.

A PC based DVR with camera and infra-red lamps has also been installed to help with validation, and this again can be remotely controlled, viewed and downloaded when required.
All the above items can be remotely accessed, monitored, down loaded, etc. the new prototype Multi-Electrode Fish Counter can be reprogrammed remotely to continually improve its performance whenever required.
This remote access system was designed, installed and purchased to allow full remote development of the system from a computer anywhere